The strangest museum in America


America is “a land of brave freedom and hometown.” There is no doubt. But do you know that it is also a strange area?! Yes, read it carefully! The United States is where you find the strangest and strangest things and places you’ve heard or seen in life. Do you disagree with this? Then check out this strange museum in the country and it will surely give you something creepy.
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Museum of Psychology, Indianapolis, Indiana

The Symphonic Museum is not a barn museum. First, it may be too small for many to refer to as a museum, but there is one interesting collection of artifacts that qualify. The museum is not well known for its “music of mind”, Afrofuturism, American underground culture, and the history of Indianapolis itself. The most valuable property is the last original of the baby mothership of the musical band Parliament-Funkadelic. It’s a mysterious place that inspires interest at every stage. If this attracts you, take a cheap flight to Indianapolis and solve the mystery of the Psychology Museum.
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Maine, Portland, International Cryptocurrency Museum

There is a museum that tells about extinct creatures, and an international cryptocurrency museum for the existence of “hidden” or “still unknown”. We are proud to be the world’s only cryptozoology museum. It is full of pieces of existence that no one knows.
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Warren’s Occult Museum, Monroe, Connecticut

Are you fascinated by supernatural things? Do you believe that you have life after death and there are things or powers you are trying to cross over in the world? If the answer is “yes”, take a cheap flight and go straight to Warren’s Occult Museum. It’s really amazing to collect artifacts from which ghosts appear. It has two collections of the world’s most famous supernatural investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. This is what they’ve collected for decades investigating things that don’t belong to the world.
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Idaho Potato Museum, Blackfoot, Idaho

Potatoes are Idaho’s most valuable agricultural product, and built a museum in the city of Blackfoot. You can recognize buildings with huge potatoes in front of and behind them, and learn about the history and interesting facts about agricultural products. Check out the cheapest flight deals and explore the strange museums.
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California Mecca International Banana Museum

If a potato could have a museum, why not bananas? There is an international banana museum. There are over 20,000 artifacts belonging to bananas such as salt shakers, staplers, ties, buttons, glasses, soaps, etc. What can be said more about the site. Just go and go banana.
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Mütter Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Mütter Museum is a simple troop museum, but it doesn’t even begin to explain the creepy collections. There are more than 3,000 bone marrow specimens representing various medical conditions, such as trauma and disease.
Although, according to Coin Corner, the price reached an all-time high in both 2012 and 2016, both were dampened by the ensuing bitcoin boom in preparation for Christmas 2017.
In June 2016, the price was 610 pound coins, and by December of the following year, it had reached 14,000 pounds.
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And while increased visibility and demand for bitcoin words may complicate a similar comparison, Scott is still confident we’ve set up another bull race based on the other half.
He said: “22 days after the previous halving of events, we saw an increase of 0.7 per cent in 2012 and 8.5 per cent in 2016, which shows that we are now far above history.”


West Virginia, a great place to wear your hat and also visit


The United States is a wonderful country because there are all kinds of people, and the diverse people, culture and landscape are great in every way. Some time ago, someone in West Virginia contacted me, and the famous song had to go through my head. John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads”
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The mountains of West Virginia are spectacular. I’ve been to all the cities in this country, and I can’t know more often how many times I’ve turned off West Virginia’s highways to go on a scenic route for a long time.
I loved adventure more than I ever wanted. I often wanted to stay longer. I don’t know where I went, take a chance, change direction, and pass the road in the middle of the road to craving for exploration. Like the road calls me.
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Well, if I was in Honda Goldwing instead of a motor coach, I might be. Someday (spring or summer) you just want to do that. Take one of those paths to see where you are going and share your curiosity if you are in the same location.
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Perhaps, you will take a chance and dance according to your destiny. That’s right. John Denver, the old country road, knew that. If you see what I have seen you will agree.
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That’s right. The old way to go somewhere on Earth knows someone in Virginia is simple in life and rich in resources. I want to take one of those paths for everyone, spend a year and see everything. “Take me home.”-Well, I want to do this in more states than W. Virginia. I felt the same in Montana, Wyoming New Mexico, California, Nevada, Idaho. The same is true in Colorado, Arizona and New England. It is a beautiful country in which we live.
Still W. Virginia is very beautiful, mysterious, charming and interesting. Yes, sometimes the weather is dangerous, but on a sunny day, there is so much to see that it is so beautiful. Many people in the city do not get a chance to see it, but they should. They really should. Perhaps you will consider visiting W. Virginia and meeting some people.
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Clark Folk’s History and Hope, Idaho


The Hope/Clark Fork area stretches from Pack River along the shore of Lake Pend Oreille to Pack River to the entrance to the Clarkd Fork River. Lake Pend Oreille is one of the largest freshwater bodies in the West with several islands, such as the islands and islands of Hope and Hope Peninsula, Warren, Cottages, Pearl, Eagle, and the Islands of the Islands, near the Clark Fork Estuary. Clark Fork Flats, Clark Fork Flats. The lake has three main peninsulas: Sunnyside, Hope Peninsula and Sagle. Sagle is actually similar to the area around the lake, but it is the main feature of Lake Pend Oreille.
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The history of the two communities is closely linked. They shared the past of railroad, mining and logging, and sportsman activities. Recently, Lake Pend Oreille and Clark Fork River have become popular with tourists looking for a mountain/lake lifestyle. In recent years, the area has garnered national attention by several broadcasts, articles and developers. The most famous golf course in the area, Hidden Lakes, was purchased by Jack Nicklaus and will open as an Idaho club in 2009. However, growth was measured as the federal and state owned more than 70% of the land.
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Glacial Flood and Lake of Offen

The most prominent feature of Hope and Clark Fork, Idaho is Lake Pend Oreille. The 111-mile coastline and this 148-square-mile lake are among the most famous lakes in North America and the fifth deepest lake in the United States. High-mileage Ice Age Glacial dams were formed by the Flood that was destroyed over time, and the features of land and lakes in Bonner County and Western Montana were formed by this monumental flood. Only one of these Floods is 10 times the water of all rivers on Earth, and the walls of water move at high speed. For more information on Ice Age Floods, visit the Ice Age Flood Lab.
Centuries before the whites discovered the area, other Indian tribes such as Calispell and flat heads lived in northern Idaho. Visit North Idaho history. The first white men to trade in northern Idaho are the “Big Evacuation” McDonald and the explorer and “Geographer” David Thompson, a bold adventurer who built the first permanent wooden structure on the Hope Peninsula in 1809 using a curious lake. Pend Oreille and Clark Fork River. This exchange, Kullyspell House, still stands as a stone building at the foot of the lake. Cooley Spell House still stands on the peninsula, Idaho’s most historic home. It’s at the end of Kullyspell Road. Turn right at David Thompson Road, passing several White Houses on the left. This summer housing group is a family retreat for the Kienholz family. Ed Kienholz is one of the most famous artists in America.
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The area’s first mode of transportation was the Oregon Steam Navigation Company’s steamboat.

When the railroad entered the area, the Northern Pacific Railway built the 150-foot Henry Villard in 1883 to supply people lying on the railroad tracks. Steamboats were an essential part of transportation around the Pend Oreille Lakes until the 1930s. Later that year, the Pend Oreille Cruises became a popular trip for steamers like today, and seniors staying at Hotel Hope and other resorts spent a few days on the water.
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In 1864, Congress gave the Northern Pacific Railroad a charter to build routes from 45 parallel North Lines to Superior Lake to Puget Sound. In 1872, the Clark Fork Pend Oreille route was selected. The people who founded the towns of Clark Fork and Hope along with the railroads came.

The construction of the region began on the transcontinental route of the northern continent in 1881, making the railway stand out in the 1880s. Trestle Creek, over 1 mile long, has become the longest structure on this route. At this time, Hope became the center of railroad activity and the largest city in the county. With Chinese Cooley, more than 4,000 rough and prepared railroad workers lived in a tent city along the Clark Fork River. The railroad brought people, and the timber industry, which began servicing railroads and trains, has stagnated the North Idaho economy for the next 100 years.

Hope History, Idaho

Initially, Hope was a stop along the railroad, but in 1890 the North Pacific was divided west of Montana to the shores of the Fender Aureu. Hope was incorporated on July 17, 1891. East Hope was incorporated on June 28, 1902. Hope was a busy port in the early days. Before the road was built, the steamer crossed the lake, carrying supplies and mailing them to the mining yards around the coast. This boat was used to supply the Clark Fork River to the cabinet canyon during the construction of the railway. The lake has long supported fishing rods, bringing a large amount of fish every day. With the introduction of small krill, the population was extinct. The federal government added these small shrimp to increase fish populations. The experiment showed the opposite effect. I have seen a small recovery in fish populations in recent years, and now hope is the center of great sport fishing.

When the North Pacific entered in 1882, hope began to grow, and in 1900 a rock mountain split point was established in a hill village. Founded in 1903, the village was named in honor of a veterinarian taking care of construction horses. Dr. Hope, a wise and kind person, was widely respected. Hope was the largest city in the region in the 1880s and was famous for its Rocky Mountain branch on the North Pacific route. The engine returned from a large round house, and the railway built shops, offices, and a “brewery”.

Hotel Jeannot, now known as Hotel Hope, was able to take advantage of this business through a location directly above the warehouse and through a tunnel with easy access to the hotel by passengers. Many say that the tunnel was used to entertain the “coolers” in China who work on the railroad, and that it was generally not allowed in facilities serving locals and travelers.

Unlike Hope’s early boom, Sandpoint grew slowly after the railroad was completed. In 1883, only 300 visitors were found in the city, and nine years later another traveler said, “The sand point consists of 3 to 4 rude shacks and 12 tents.” However, the city has experienced tremendous growth following the turn of the century.

Hope began to decrease as the split point moved to Sandpoint. Hotel Hope continued to attract people until the 1960s. Partly because the picturesque landscape by Pend Oreille Lake attracted many tourists. J.P. Morgan, Teddy Roosevelt, Gary Cooper, Bing Crosby and others are famous.

The first Hotel Jeannot (Hotel Hope) was a wooden structure that burned down around 1886. At the time, Joseph M. Jeannot started with a fireproof commercial building and lived with his brother Louis. He built one section at a time and added over the years to complete a three-story, two-story hotel in 1898. The rectangular building has two floors above two separate basement areas. The exterior is divided into three roughly identical bays, differing in design and building materials, and the hotel has been built in sections for several years. This theory worked by analyzing the structure through the recovery process and oral history. The first part to be built was the first story of East Bay with a rock-coated random course granite granite wall with beaded seams. Next came the first story of Central Bay, where the concrete walls are lower. According to this, or perhaps simultaneously, there was a story of two stories of red brick in the central and eastern bays. The West Bay was last constructed in one step or two. The first floor is poured with two layers of concrete and red brick.

Several businesses have occupied this building for many years, including pubs, restaurants, general shops, meat markets, and even the post office. The arched meat cooler adjacent to the western cellar was probably built when Lewis ran a general store and meat market from 1895 to 1897. Hotel Hope is still evidence of that era.

Hotels and bars in J. M. Jeannot are not his only business interests. He was also involved in mining and made some claims across the Lake Pend Oreille in the Green Monarch Mountain region. Hope was high in the Chinese population arriving with the railroads, and it is estimated that Jeannot used cheap labor for mining. According to one of Jeannot’s friends, he allowed these people to use the meat cooler under the hotel as a clubhouse. They were able to access this room through a small tunnel and connected this tunnel to the railroad warehouse, bypassing the clearer entrance. This vault in the hotel is one of the few places left in Hope, which may be linked to many Chinese who lived in the city.

Jeannot’s mining activity and losses from gambling led to an unstable financial situation, which took 10-12 years to complete the hotel. According to one source, in 1896, construction was maintained for more than a year since Jeannot lost all his money by betting on William Jennings Bryan. Uncertain finances continued to bother Jeannot and re-collected the hotel as a mortgage between 1907. The friend repaid the debt in 1920 and ran the hotel until she died in 1968.

Today, Bonner County’s tourism and manufacturing industry has replaced the wood and train era, and Hope and Clark Fork is known as an artist colony. This is due to Ed Kienholz.

Born in Fairfield, Washington in 1927. He studied at inland northwestern schools and colleges. He lived as a nurse in a mental hospital and as a manager of a dance band, as a secondary car dealer, cook, decorator and vacuum cleaner salesman. In 1953, he moved to Los Angeles.

In 1954, he rescued the tree for the first time. Founded NOW Gallery in 1956 and Walter Hopps and Ferus Gallery in 1957. In 1961, he completed his first environment, Roxy, and held an “4” exhibition in 1968. After recalling at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 1966, the County Supervisory Authority attempted to end the exhibition. The theme of his environment is that an individual’s privacy is vulnerable to intervention by environmental and social agreements.

In 1972, he met Nancy Reddine in Los Angeles. In 1973, he was a guest artist for German academic exchange services in Berlin. He moved to Hope with his wife Nancy and founded himself in Berlin at this time. His most important work during this period was Volksempfänger (a radio receiver in the era of national socialism in Germany). In 1975 he won the Guggenheim Award.

He died in 1994, but his wife, Nancy Reddin Kien Holz, continues to visit Hope as a world-famous artist.

Due to their reputation and the amazing beauty of the region, we now have over 600 artists in our territory.

The Kien Holtz couple became friends with many wealthy patrons in Berlin, and for years the two families made their own family retreats on the Hope Peninsula. Switch from David Thompson Road to Kullyspell Road and the Max Factor housing group is on the right. These go down to the beginning of the site line of Kullyspell House. The other family is that locale. Klaus Groenke is the executive director and parts owner of Trigon Holding GmbH, an international real estate company in Berlin. He is also a shareholder holder of the Coca Cola Company and has been reported as a member of the local board of directors of Deutsche Bank Berlin/Brandenberg. They built a 150-acre Groenke Estate at the end of David Thompson Road to become Kienholz Road. The entire part of the Berlin Wall is intact with Lexi Glas, graffiti and everything before the Fall. Recently, the family sold half of the property, and millions of dollars of houses were built or planned.

Hope today, Idaho is a tourist and summer lake destination with numerous artists and eclecticists. This is Sandpoint’s bedroom community, and many with beautiful lake and mountain views are considered the most picturesque area of ​​North Idaho. In fact, many travel magazines sang along the cliffs from Sand Point to Hope, one of the most beautiful drives in the world.

Idaho Clark Folk History

Although a completely different city, many people in northern Idaho see Clark Fork and Hope as a community. In fact, the two share the same Chamber website. []

Clark Fork City became a viable city in the early 1880s, when the North Pacific railroad construction was built through nearby Bitter Route and the Cabinet Mountains. This small community is set up for mining, logging, sawmill, agriculture, forestry activities, fish hatcheries, dam construction, fur catching activities, college research and homes for youth. In addition, in most history, the railroad maintained the station and crew of Clark Fork. Clark Fork was founded in 1912. Today there is the University of Idaho Clark Fork Field Campus.

In the 19th century, the Clark Fork Valley was home to flat tribes of Native Americans, such as the shores of Lake Fend Oreu around Hope. While returning from the Pacific in 1806, Lewis and Clark Expedition Maryweather Lewis explored it. The river was named after William Clark. In Montana, the middle part of the river was formerly known as the Missoula River.

Much of Clark Fork’s story over the next few years involved crossing the river. The Clarkfork River Forged Bridge provided one of the only roads to the north, and the steamer made miners take a hard trip with the Kootenai Gold Rush. This was one of the only ways to travel. Before the bridge was built, Clark Fork built a crosswalk. Early ferries are more than just tying up logs. Later, according to some records, the ferry was operating in 1893, but it has been 10 years since the North Pacific route was established, so it is safe to assume that there is an active business crossing the ferry during construction.

At the time, the cabinet gorge dam was not in place, and in 1916 reporters said, “The Clark Spoke River handles a lot more water than the Snake River. The average width of the river is about 1300 feet, and at a certain time the speed of the river is about 8 miles per hour. The ferry from Clarksfork is very dangerous and sometimes impossible.

Definitely this ferry crossing not only made it possible for travelers to go, but also became a place where they could relax, relax, restock items, and sometimes use the bar.

Until World War I, there were many sawmill activities until the 1950s. Early sawmills include McGillis and Gibbs, Lane and Porter. From the beginning to the late 1950s, mining operations played an important role in the community economy. Located near the Spring Creek Fish Hatchery, the White Delf mine and mill were in operation in 1926 until they closed in 1958. Lawrence mines were near Antelope Mountain near Mosquito Creek and Idaho Clark Fork Field Campus. The hills and mountains of the area had numerous small mining holes centered by small operations and observation decks.



United Airlines: Sky domination


United Airlines was founded on April 6, 1926 in Boise, Idaho. The original name was Varney Air Lines. The airport lounge is a red carpet club and is a Star Alliance member. It operates to 216 destinations worldwide and its parent company is United Continental Holdings. It is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Fleet size

United Airlines has 359 aircraft in operation. 97 of these are Airbus A320 and 96 are Boeing 757-200. US airlines also have 55 Airbus A319s along with 35 Boeing 767-300ERs. There are 33 Boeing 777-200ERs, 24 Boeing 747-400s and 19 Boeing 777-200s.


United operates at six major hubs: Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, San Francisco Airport, Washington Dulles Airport, Los Angeles Airport, Denver Airport, and Narita International Airport in Tokyo.

United Airlines will add several airports to the hub list in the future. It can be mentioned as:

Newark Liberty International Airport

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport


United Airlines offers flights to Accra and Lagos from Africa. In the Caribbean, you can board flights from cities such as Oranjestad, Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, San Juan, Punta Cana, and more. Flights from Central and North America go to Liberia, Cancun, and Calgary, excluding several destinations in the US

In South America, this U.S. airline offers flights to Buenos Aires, Lima and Rio Woody Janeiro. Asia has major airports in Beijing, Taipei, Osaka, Singapore and Seoul. United Airlines’ most important European destinations are Brussels, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Melbourne and Guam are major locations for the Ocean Belt.

Frequent flyer program

Mileage Plus is United’s frequent flyer programme. The main advantage of this program is that the recipient receives endless mileage. However, for this to be valid, flyers must spend miles every 18 months or earn travel miles.

Organizations also offer elite level membership. This offers more benefits than standard membership. The facility started in 2010 and is accessible only to members with Premier, 1K and Premier Executive memberships.

These members can also receive unlimited upgrades on domestic flights. However, these facilities are only provided if there is enough space on the flight.

Code sharing agreement

United Airlines has code-sharing deals with several airlines.

Airing Goose

Hawaiian Airlines

Ah Bianca

Island Air


Jet Airway

Ethiopian Airlines

Qatar Airways

Great Lake Airlines

TACA Airlines

Gulf Stream International Airlines



Cyprus, the beautiful Paphos


Experience Cyprus Paphos.

Want to see what Paphos has to offer in Cyprus? Here are a few things to report on your vacation to this really cool world.

Between the Troodos Mountains (required) and the Mediterranean, located on the southwestern tip of Cyprus.

Thousands of tourists visit each year. The amazing history of the surrounding area is worth the addiction.

Aphrodite Rock-The birthplace of the Greek goddess of love. Aphrodite Rock (aka Rock of Love) This landmark is worth a visit with great views and interesting history. One of the safari jeep tours on the Akamas Trail includes a visit here.

When is the best time to visit Paphos?

At any time, however, this depends on your personal preference: hot weather (the hottest weather in August) and the amazing beach or local history of the island. Something calms all ages across all seasons.

Regular and charter flights go directly to Paphos International Airport, about 20/30 minutes drive from major cities. If you are not a person renting a car, don’t worry as buses run from Paphos Airport to the village every hour during the summer.

See what to do in Paphos.

Beach. Paphos has many beautiful beaches, including a 50KM coastline with about 27 beaches. Some of these include Faros Lighthouse Beach, Geroskipou Municipal Beach, Laourou Beach and the best beaches in my experience Coral Bay. Coral Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches with golden sands in Paphos. It could be a starting point to discover Troodos Mountain or other awesome places like Latchi and the fishing villages of Polis. The blue, warm, crystal clear waters of Coral Bay are excellent for swimming, diving and many other water sports and perfect photography. Some of the best hotels and restaurants have a nice Cypriot cuisine here.

Parks and wildlife.

Paphos has a pleasant subtropical climate that is conductive to the life of various plants and animals. It has an equitable distribution of parks and beautiful gardens. Paphos has the third largest collection of birds, including parrots, emus, ostrich and swans. There are also domestic and wild animal collections such as monkeys, giraffes and turtles. Some parks have Eleouthkia Park. Views and gardens and one of the main attractions are the Paphos Zoo. In a natural setting with lakes, ponds and immaculate gardens, it accommodates a variety of birds and animals from all over the world. There is an opportunity for children to talk to rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks and goats. The zoo has daily educational and entertaining shows that show acrobatic owls and parrot shows.

Another amazing thing to do in Paphos is a boat tip to visit the Aphrodite water park, wine tasting, king’s tomb, wildlife diving experience, ship wreck diving experience, sea fishing, and other great scenery including sea caves.

If you are really having an unforgettable experience, you will definitely see the Troodos Mountains through Jeep Safari. Travel deep inside the island to see and experience villages and forested landscapes that ordinary tourists rarely visit. You’ll get close to nature and Cypriot culture along adventurous small asphalt roads and well-maintained dirt roads. Our trip included picking fresh grapes from the vine, pomegranate from the tree, and cracked nuts along the roadside.

Expect the following on this jeep safari:

4×4 on/off road adventure through diverse and fast changing landscapes

A short walk through the narrow streets and amazing stone architecture, great views and ethnic villages where you can visit Kafeneion to enjoy traditional Cypriot coffee

Church built with light candles on medieval stone

Visit a natural 20M mountain waterfall with cold ice water to relax your body and mind.

A chance to see the world-famous Lefkara village with silverware and handmade lace

Visit the Troodos Botanical Garden

Special Interests: Traditional Architecture, Forestry, Botany, High Altitude, Medieval Church.



Art of gold foil glass signs


Short history

Gold foil glass signs have a long history all over the world. The earliest example of watering glass or “Verre egolmise” with gold is believed to have originated from before the Roman period, but its name comes from Jean-Baptise Glomy (1711-1786), an 18th-century French decorator and art dealer chain. It is responsible for refilling. One of the main historical periods of art was in Italy during the 13th and 16th centuries. Small glass panels with a design formed by engraved gold plating were applied to fossil and portable altars. The method used is described by Cennino Cennini. It has also been used all over Europe since the 15th century and has been used for painting, furniture, wine glasses and jewelry. Gold leaf on glass is often seen in the form of mirrors, decorative panels on the clock face, and window displays and advertising mirrors in recent history. You can see some of the best examples in pubs and hotels across Europe.

The facade of the facility is fully decorated with plate glass design and gold letters. Some of the best examples of the 1800s in London were manufactured by Messinger & Son, R. Morris and Sons, Cakebread Robey, Walter Gibbs, Joseph hollyer, James Carter or Jones and Firmin. In 1849, when the British master guilder and autograph writer John J. Edward immigrated from London to New York, gold letters on glass were introduced to the United States. At the time of his arrival, only one gold plate was found throughout New York. He immediately opened a signage store on Canal Street and began making colorful polished samples. As these demands increased, his business flourished. New York’s traditional autographers wanted to know Edward’s “secret” that permanently stuck gold to glass as Ward succeeded.

These artists will pay $100 each to learn their skills. Edwards was pleased to earn additional income from his knowledge. In the late 19th century, this industry flourished. During this period in American history, in large cities such as Chicago and New York, it was not uncommon for the building facades to be fully decorated with exquisite glass signs. As the century changed, Rawson and Evans’ decorative glass designers and manufacturers had showrooms in New York City and Chicago. According to historical records, the company began in 1880 and continued until 1920. According to the rare 1896 catalog of Rawson and Evans, it specializes in sandblasting, shattered decorative glass signs. The company made the most sophisticated decorative glass in the country at the time. Their work is still being pursued by collectors today.

The largest supporters of elaborately decorated glass signs were vendors of alcohol, tobacco, pharmacies and anyone who wanted to show their products and storefronts. Unfortunately, the Great Depression, along with Rawson and Evans, affected a thriving industry, and Chicago Sandblasting had to close.

They were a small part of the individual autograph repertoire, but until the 1980s, autograph artist Rick Glawson was dedicated to rediscovering the long-lost skills and materials. Glawson was the owner of the Fine Gold Sign Company and Esoteric Sign Supply in Wilmington, California, and was recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on glass decoration technology. Rick had an unprecedented time studying the tools, tricks and techniques of glass signage technology. His specialty was to restore vintage glass advertising signs, especially those from the 1880-1910 era.

Rick Glawson organized an annual glass sign event known as “The Conclave” in his studio. Sign artists from all over the world will share their ideas and information on glass sign art. Since Rick’s death in 2003, Conclave maintains his honor every year and the everlasting technology of gold foil glass signs has survived by a handful of dedicated glass signage artists. Some of the authors of gold leaf glass with past traditions are Roderick Treece of California, Larry White of California, David Smith of England, John Studden of California and Noel Weber of Idaho.

After the glass is cleaned, a thin, water-sized cleaning solution is brushed onto the glass. Water size is the glue that glues gold to the glass. The water size of glass plating consists of distilled water and a very small amount of pure gelatin. Once the water size is allowed to flow into the glass, a sheet of gold foil is picked up with a special brush and applied to the wet glass. After the water size is completely dry and the gold is attached to the glass, it has a gorgeous mirror finish to give it a dazzling shiny quality. With the popularity of gold leaf glass, Rawson & Evans or Chicago Sandblasting’s original antique beer and tobacco advertising glass signs can make a lot of money at auctions today.



Old West Petticoat Dealer “Madam Mustache”


Eleanor Dumont, known as “Mrs. Mustache” It was one of the historical phenomena of the time at the Frontier gambling pub. As a young petticoat dealer, she became a “super star” covering 21 gamblers’ gypsy circuits that roam the West.

There is a debate about the birthplace of Dumont. Some say he is a French-born immigrant Simone Jules, others say he was born in New Orleans around 1829. Madame Simone Jules entered San Francisco’s Bella Union Saloon and Gambling Hall in the spring of 1850. The main sensation was created through the roulette table. Black young French woman with creamy alabaster skin, eye-catching smile, long dark dark hair on shoulders glimpse of beautiful woman and starving 41-year-old women. Within a few days the men were lined up to lose gold powder to a demure mademoiselle that showed a thin line of fluffy on her upper lip on a close examination.

Bella Union is an amazing Madame. It was packed day and night with players who wanted to watch or play Madame Jules. Do not surpass other gamblers, quickly import French women to preside over the roulette wheel. In the coming years, female gambling agencies or dealers have become the headliners of most gambling businesses across Portsmouth Square. Then, when she suddenly appeared, Madame Jules disappeared from the scene and her name was never mentioned again in the records or newspapers.

A few years later, in 1854, the stagecoach rolled into a dusty street in Nevada, California, and a versatile young woman appeared. The ears are hardened by a mysterious crow-headed French woman from Paris, wearing fancy clothes and expensive jewelry from Paris. She is small and classy, ​​with eyes-like eyes, curly black hair mane, and some bluffing hints on her upper lip. She said her name was Madame Eleanore Dumont and offered nothing about her past.

Satisfied with the transition to Madame Dumont, the gambling am fox rented a place in the heart of the city and hung a signboard named “Vingt-Et-Un” (“21 vs France”). Citizens across the city were invited to visit Broad Street and play games with Madame Dumont. There were more than 12 gambling venues in Nevada City, but Vingt-Et-Un was arguably the queen of the sports crowd. Twenty-one was a game chosen by Dumont, she was a master in the game, expressing regret while winning her prize. When she closes the table, she will order a bottle of champagne to treat the losers. Most miners said, “You will lose to Madame rather than win from others.”

Miners and villagers flocked to the establishment because of the attractiveness of raising money and the charisma and tact of the French mistress. Decorum was strictly enforced and customers were unable to speak or speak vulgar language. Oddly enough, the rough crowd of miners found it impossible to resist the polite demands of the enthusiastic owner. In a very short time, she moved to Faro, good luck, a larger branch adding roulette tables and dealership staff. She called her new gambler Dumont Palace and hired Nevada City gambler Dave Tobin as her manager partner.

Over the next two years, money was paid every day, and Tobin, who moved with Dumont from the National Hotel, wanted to control the operation. Dumont flew with anger as he moved. I didn’t make him the boss of the outfit because I shared the bed. She gave him an ultimatum; If he doesn’t like placement, “take hell out.” He didn’t like the setting, so after the final settlement, he slipped off Nevada City and headed east.

When the gold in Nevada eventually dried up, Eli Nore sold his business and began to travel to other mining camps in northern California. She started playing at Bullard’s Bar, Downieville, and Yuba River settlements in Sierra City. Transferred to the mining camp in Klamath, after the Feather River. In 1857, for more than a year, she processed 21 at George Foster’s City Hotel in Columbia and moved to Virginia City to manage the Swan Key Joint, which boasts over $30,000 in furniture. During this series of California mine camps, she added “Extra” to the table work. This is an in-house visit that requires a “room rate”.

Dumont left a gold strike in Idaho and Montana in the early 1860s, and by the end of the tour she reached her 30th birthday. The years passed have not been kind to her. Long night cards and debauchery began to take damage, and at one time her appearance began to fade away. When suffocated and sent, she lost the shape of an hourglass and began to darken a few years ago before only a faint hint of faintness in her upper lip. NicknameWife mustache

At Bannack, she teamed up with a man under the name McHarney in a two-story gambling bar and featured an upstairs bed for a quick fight with young dancehall girls who worked at the bar below. They started surgery for a short time before her partner fired up with another gambler named MacFarlane. What should i do? Beat Dumont never dragged the bloody body and sprinkled fresh sawdust on the floor, and the bar returned to action as if nothing had happened. After that, she was put in jail for a $1,000 bail for McFarlane. Yes, French women have not missed an enterprising opportunity.

Dumont from Bannack headed for Fort Benton, a busy supply point in Montana’s Goldfield. Here, she duplicated the previous work featuring alcohol, beauty and gambling. However, luster has disappeared in early department stores where elegance and decor are paramount. She has been reduced from diving with low rent to operating. Steamboat captain Louis Rosche described the Dumont gambling site as follows:

“The inside of the gambling was worse than the outside. The bar and game room is in one big room downstairs. Staircases of stairs lead to the balcony on the second floor, 12 smaller rooms with smoky smoke. The sweaty body and the floor where the smell of cheap whiskey is dirty is dirty… In one of the rooms upstairs I was able to hear the drunk man’s gibberish and high trembling laughter.

She is about to retire from a gambling life and bounces from one place to another until she buys a cattle ranch in California and tries to be honest for a short time. She had no idea how to run the ranch. She was associated with a tender man named Jack McKnight, who claims to be a savvy cattle buyer. Handsome and well-groomed McKnight promised to take care of everything and tied the knot. McKnight did so with little ink on the marriage certificate. He took everything she had.

Going back to the only thing she knew how to do Dumont, she set up a mining camp in the fall of 1876 and eventually landed in Deadwood. She handled 21 in various pubs and was observed by journalist John F. Finerty. Chicago times. In one article, he wrote: “She had a single face and the crime was hardened with a brutal look. Her eyes were scratched on gold powder or chips with a shiny, long white finger with a rattlesnake. The tip was sharp, reminding me of the claw of a harp.”

Dumont barely shrunk as a low-end gambling dealer in 1879, and finally headed to Bodie, California in 1879. One table. On the night of September 7, at a magnolia bar, she borrowed $300 to bank the table against two black legs. Try as if she didn’t have it on her. She was 49 years old, and he was obsessed with whiskey-soaked brains, and after turning the last card, she was completely out of luck. Collecting all the dignity she can cherish, she pushes the chair off the table and says, “Brides, the game is yours.”

The next morning they found her dead next to an empty morphine bottle. Among the personal items found on her body was a letter she wrote. “She’s tired of life,” she said, with instructions on the disposal of her effects. that much Sacramento Union “Body: September 8th. A woman named Eleanore Dumont was found to have committed suicide today about a mile from the city.



Best place to visit in Sri Lanka


The small tear-shaped islands of the Indian Ocean have become the latest hotspot for tourists. After 30 years of civil war has ended and all travel advice has been lifted, tourists can’t wait to head for the exotic island of Sri Lanka. The friendly and friendly people of Sri Lanka can turn their hands in turn and use’Ayobowan’ on their lips for the most memorable holiday.

Tourism in Sri Lanka can be broadly divided into three categories. Beaches, cities of cultural, historical and religious importance. Don’t be fooled by the size of your country. This small island has plenty of places to visit all three categories. Join me as you unravel the wonders of Sri Lanka.

The bustling city of Colombo is the largest city in Sri Lanka. It is about an hour drive from Bandar Nike International Airport. Like other big cities, Colombo is the center of activity. There are many places to see. Being a coastal city, you can enjoy stunning ocean views in the evening with a pool facing Galle Face green. If the deserted beach is what you are pursuing, go elsewhere and it will appear in my list later. Other than that, you can visit the National Museum, the National Zoo, and Independence Square, which represents freedom from the UK in Sri Lanka. You can shop your mind at Majestic City, Liberty Plaza or Odel. There are buses, radio taxis and auto rickshaws called tuk-tuks, making it easy to commute downtown.

Sri Lanka is not just a beach. Many treasures are found when traveling inland. If you are a fan of a colder climate, there are not many places in Sri Lanka, but Nuwara Eliya will definitely be one of them. Nuwara Eliya is a hill station located in the center of Sri Lanka, just off the south side. When Sri Lanka was under British rule, this is where most British came for an ideal summer vacation. Colonial influences can still be seen in the city, regardless of the nickname of the city’Little England’ or various activities that can be immersed, such as architecture or boats, golf, or horses. riding.

Another important aspect of Nuwara Eliya is that it is one of the most important cities when it comes to tea production. While approaching Nuwara Eliya, be prepared to see the tea plantations unfolding endlessly on both sides. Don’t forget to fall into one of the many tea factories along the way, like Labukele Tea Real Estate. People there will gladly talk through the process of making tea, from picking leaves to processing. Be prepared to panic with the variety and flavor of tea you can buy there.

Nuwara Eliya has as many places as there are tourist attractions. For those familiar with the Hindu mythical epic of Ramayana,’Seetha Kovil’ or Theta Temple will be a place of interest. According to legend, the king of Sri Lanka’s Ravana kidnapped Queen Sita from the kingdom of northern India and took her to Sri Lanka. It is believed that this place was where this temple was and kept her. There are also giant footprints that are thought to be honorable Hanuman. Even unbelieving unbelievers will stand up and experience a strange and erratic sensation while looking at the hills covered with lush green mist, wondering what this place has witnessed for centuries.

Hakgala Botanical Garden, a bit ahead of Seetha Kovil, is an interesting place to visit. Spread over a large area, it’s enough to capture nature lovers for hours.

In Sri Lanka after Colombo, Kandy (Maha Nuvara) is the most important. There is nothing to do and where to visit. Historically, Candy was important because it was one of the last kingdoms independent of the colony. On the way from Colombo, it will be the first major city to Central Highlands.

The first thing you’ll know about Kandy is probably the huge lake in the heart of the city. Adjacent to this lake is one of the most important pilgrimage sites of Buddhist temples, Chia temples or Sri Dala da Maligawa. After traveling several miles in India for centuries, the sacred relics of Buddha’s teeth have been found on the island itself to protect it from those who want to destroy it. A place to relax at this temple. It is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can see various rituals performed in the temple three times a day, about 5.30 and 09.00 in the morning and 06.30 in the evening.

The Esala Perahera festival, held every year in July or August in the full moon, is meant to honor this relic. The whole of this competition is a sight to see traditional Kandyan dancers, beautifully decorated elephants, fire acts and more. It is also interesting to note that whenever a tooth artifact is taken out for an open fair, it almost always rains.

There are many good hotels around the lake. Close to the Chia Temple is the modern Candy City Center and shopping complex, which is a good example of the beautiful blend of modern and ancient that this wonderful city has.

Kandy Suburb is the city of Peradeniya. This is where the famous Ferrella University and the largest royal botanical garden on the island are located.

Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa are two cities that together with Kandy complete the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. If you are a history lover and are interested in Sri Lanka’s ancient heritage, don’t miss this place. These two cities were UNESCO World Heritage Sites and flourished as the capital of the ancient Sri Lankan kingdom. Anuradhapura was Sri Lanka’s first ancient capital, and the ruins you see today tell stories about a stable kingdom that flourished when it was plundered by the southern Indian Kola Kingdom from the 4th to 11th centuries BC.The capital is Polonnaruwa Moved to. In Polonnaruwa, the reign of King Parakramabahu I was considered the golden age of Polonnaruwa.

Both cities have many temples, water tanks and ponds, stupas, statues of kings and buddhas, and scattered palace ruins, and it’s worth a visit to get an idea of ​​the rich historical and archaeological significance of these two cities. A must not miss in Anuradhapura, the Sri Maha Bodhi tree is said to have grown from saplings from sacred bodhi tree in Gaya, India, where Buddha was enlightened in the 3rd century BC. At Polonnaruwa, Parakrama Samudra is a place worth visiting. It’s actually a reservoir built in the 4th century AD to keep the village enough, but it’s called’Samudra’ as it looks as vast as the ocean.

Another essential place in Sri Lanka and Sigiriya or Lion Rock, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you approach, you’ll be stunned in this 5th-century palace, located on the top of a 600-foot rock, and you can see miles while flipping your head back in the middle of miles of lush green flats. It is said to have been built by the king of Kashia, who was afraid of aggression by his half-brother and built this palace for his protection. You may be surprised at the numerous shelters or water sources at the bottom. As you climb up to 1200 weird stairs, you can see frescoes in the middle, looking at the mirror walls that acted as mirrors at once. For the king however it has now become a place of graffiti showing the ancient Singhalese script. Called because of the large lion’s feet at the entrance, the lion’s gate leads to the summit, a large flat of scattered ruins of the ancient palace, including the ancient throne and swimming pool. The scenery from the top is breathtaking. You can see Anuradhapura and Polon Naruwa from afar. Often, too windy will make you feel bad. Don’t forget to take your water because there is no shop. Apply enough sunscreen and wear sleeved clothes and a hat. This precaution is necessary to protect not only from the blazing sun, but also from occasional wasp attacks.

Dambulla village has far more places than cricket! Yes, there is an international standard cricket stadium here, but did you know that this historic city also has a World Heritage Site? Dambula Cave Temple, located near Sigiriya, is also famous. This cave temple is located about 160 meters from the city. The 5 most important caves here are gathered together and can be seen for a small fee for the ticket. There are many guides familiar with the history of the place and the various statues of the Buddha and the symbols of other gods and goddesses. It is interesting to ponder the fact that some of these caves date back to the 2nd century BC. King Balaam was used as a refuge during his exile.

If we talk about the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, Sigiriya and Dambulla form the center of this triangle. It is wise to base yourself on Sigiriya and discover and discover Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa on a day trip.

Another place worth visiting in Sri Lanka is the 2,243m high mountain located at the southern end of the central highlands. The most amazing thing on this mountain is that it teaches us about the unity of religion. It is respected by people of all religions. The mountain is also referred to as the’Sri Pada’ or’Holy footprint’, which means imprinting on the top of the mountain. Buddhists believe this to be the Buddha’s footprint, Hindus believe it to be the Shiva god’s footprint, it’s St. Thomas’s footprint for Christians, and for Muslims the first man’s footprint. The best time to climb the mountain is from December to March, when camps and better facilities are provided. Most pilgrims start climbing around midnight, reaching the summit over time and seeing the stunning sunrise. You need to wear a lot of warm clothes. Pilgrims are unable to withstand heat immediately once the sun comes out.

Sri Lanka is rich in flora and fauna, has many wildlife sanctuaries and nature reserves, some of which are famous for the Gal Oya National Park, where you can see herds of elephants with one of the largest leopard densities in the world, an important famous epic of La Banana Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary, including Ravana Falls and Cave. All these places have beautiful scenery and are rich in nature. Therefore, it is difficult to choose what to write. However, Shinha Raja Biosphere Reserve is one of the most important because it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the last remaining rainforests in the world. Due to the density of vegetation, the number of animals that can be seen is small, but for those who want to study rainforest plants, the dream of a botanist with lots of Sri Lankan natives comes true.

Another place worth mentioning here is the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, which you can visit on the way to Kandy. More than 100 elephants live. You can enjoy the appearance of an elephant marching happily on the banks of the Ma Oya, which is held twice a day. You can also supply milk from a bottle with the help of mahouts or helpers. Donate bananas or milk for elephants and try a little bit to donate! Any experience of seeing these gentle giants teasing on the river is truly unforgettable.

The country that was newly liberated from the hands of ethnic conflict has now been open to tourists. One such place is Yapaanam, the northern part of Yafna. A narrow land called the Elephant Pass, which can be considered an island connected to the mainland of Sri Lanka. Jaffna has many shallow lagoons and offshore islands. One of the most important islands is Nagadipa and is located in the sacred Viharya or Buddhist shrine. In Jaffna, you can enjoy the culture and traditions of the Sri Tamil. Another highlight is Jaffna Fort and the temple of Nallur Kandaswamy, a Hindu temple located on the outskirts of Jaffna. Prayer starts five times in the morning, and the last prayer is performed on time from six in the evening to six times a day. The best time to visit this temple is from July to August, when the annual festival is held.

Since it is an island, the sea is never far from Sri Lanka. And if you like the beach it will spoil your choice here. The best way is to land at the current international airport in Sri Lanka near Katunayke, head to Negombo city, then travel south along the coast, discover many coastal cities and enjoy the beach. You will pass the commercial capital of Colombo. Colombo may not be one of the best places if the beach is your favorite, but the towns of Lavonia, Bentota, and Balapitiya are all budget hotels. And many activities that you keep using. Hikkaduwa can see coral from a glass-bottom boat, and Galle is famous not only for its beaches, but also for ancient forts. Close to Galle, Unawatuna Beach is considered one of the best in the world due to its excellent musical name, as well as its flawless beauty, coral reefs and opportunities for scuba diving. Also home to Mirissa Beach, famous for cultivating cinnamon and Sri Lanka’s southernmost and towering lighthouse, Dondra is a dolphin and whale watching spot. Arungam Bay is known for hosting many international-level surfing competitions.

The port city of Trincomalee, located on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, boasts beautiful Nilla Valley, Uppuveli and Red Rock beaches with beautiful rocks. Between June and September, the Trincomalee coast has become a popular spot for whale and dolphin watchers. There are many hotels related to this sport in Sri Lanka, and we can help you make an unforgettable experience. Trincomalee is not only home to the fortress of Frederick, the largest Dutch fortress in Sri Lanka, but also has many places of interest to Hindus and Buddhists such as the Koneswaram Hindu Kovil and Seruwila Temples. The Navy Museum and Hood Tower, which were the observation decks of the British Navy, offer stunning 360-degree views of Trincomalee that you should not miss. Trincomalee is important because it is actually the fifth largest port in the world. Be prepared to face some routine checkpoints located within the area that were part of the ethnic conflict.

If shopping is what you are pursuing, you can buy a tea that comes in many flavors. Local handicrafts are another option. Locally crafted batik work is great. Batik is a textile technology that uses waxes and dyes. You can purchase wall mounts, sari and other items made using this technique. The gems and gems available here are of another value. In fact, the town of Ratnapura (literally a jewel town) is famous for its ruby, sapphire and emerald. You can also bring a variety of quality spices to your home. There are many spice gardens across the country and you can learn more about growing and using various spices.

One small island, but there are many reasons. Head to this beautiful country for your next vacation.



Motorcycle stunt riding facts and more


Motorcycle stunt riding is a growing sport in the UK and the United States. However, according to U.S. law, the use of “mobile” motorcycles on public roads is forbidden, and you can even go to jail quickly.

If you are buying a used motorcycle, make sure the bike is stopped. Make sure the bike is wheeled on a flat spot on the front tire and look for any scratches due to the collision. Stunts can throw away engines, transmissions and suspensions, so be careful unless you use your bike in the same way as stunt bikes.

Robert Craig Knievel, Jr. is perhaps the most famous American motorcycle reckless person. Now considered an icon and legend, he began his career as a celebrity anywhere in the late 1960s. He performed numerous motorcycle jumps that aired across the country. His efforts to jump over the Snake River Canyon, located in the Twin Falls of Idaho in 1974, was the most watched event (fourth place) by this date on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. He died at the age of 69 on November 30 of last year.

Some motorcycle stunts and drill teams in the United States include the South Florida bike crew, the D-Ace Stunt Rider motorcycle team (Warsaw, Wisconsin), TenNinety6 (Kalmerus, Michigan, USA) and Hardly Angels (women’s motorcycle drill team).

Professional motorcycle jumper Bob Duffey was called “The Fastest Person Behind Two Wheels.” ET is 11.71 seconds, trap speed is 122 mph. The man rides back and does not touch the drag strip. This record was performed on his bicycle Kawasaki Z1R-TC, a stock in 1979 at a sanctions event by the International Drag Bike Association (IDBA).

Debbie Evans-Queen of Trials is the first woman to succeed in an American trial in the late 1970s and is generally considered the best female rider in sports history.

Australian Lobby Madison now holds a record for “Longest Motorcycle Jump”. He broke at an exhibition event sponsored by a large hotel in early January of this year. He completely jumped 322 feet, 7 inches (98.34 meters), and in 2005 was a Guinness World Record of 6 inches (84.58 meters) 277 feet by Trigger Gumm.

Perhaps the most popular sports bike motorcycle stunt is “wheelie”. It is a deception that the front wheel falls off the ground and the vehicle balances on the rear wheel.

Other popular bike stunts include a stand stand (does by hand on a motorcycle where the rider is moving), an Endo (a stunt that lifts the motorcycle’s rear tire off the ground while balancing the front wheel or bicycle), Stoppie, and more. (Because the motor stops moving, the rear wheel rises into the air and stops completely while the machine balances on the front tires), the tail of the motorcycle at 12 o’clock wheeled street), Circle Wheelie (wheelie while driving in circular motion) And Combo Wheelie (wheelie driven by multiple drivers on one wheel).

When trying to stunt on a high performance motorcycle, you must wear a full range of protective gear. Famous brands include Alpinestars, Teknic, Icon, Sidi and Joe Rocket, and Arai, Bell, AGV, KBC, Icon, Shoei and Suomy are popular helmet brands.



7 best honeymoon destinations in Greece


Greece consists of 6,000 islands with 227 inhabitants. It can be confusing for someone visiting Greece for the first time. So here we present you the top 7 destinations to guarantee an amazing honeymoon in Greece

1. Santorini

Santorini seems to have been made for honeymooners. It’s not surprising that Santorini is the most popular honeymoon destination for visitors looking for romance with the locals, with washed architecture, wine culture, postcard perfect villages, seducing the beach and enjoying the sunset. Enjoy fine cuisine served by Santorini, or enjoy fine wine while soaking in the infinity pool on the hotel terrace. The perfect start to endless romance.

2. Corfu

Corfu is the second largest island in Greece. Located on the Ionian Sea, Corfu is a romantic getaway perfect for lovebirds. Clear blue water, majestic volcanic mountains, monuments of the past and perfect beaches will entice you. Someday it will not be enough to admire the beauty of Corfu. Scuba dive in Paleookastritsa, hike up the Pantokrater mountain and explore the old castle. Corfu is not crowded with honeymooners, so it provides the necessary personal information.

3. Athens

Famous for its rustic ruins, the capital has its own old world charm. Respect Aphrodite God of love to you when you are in Athens. Take a day tour to explore the National Garden, Temple of Zeus, Pantheon and Acropolis Museum. Views of the mountains of Lycabettus, the Temple of Hephaestus and the National Museum give a glimpse into the past royal family of Greece.

To finish your romantic day, spend a beautiful day watching the amazing things of Athens by treating your spouse with Mediterranean cuisine and fine wines that touch your lips.

4. Plaka

Plaka is located close to Athens, and you will love to spend a day enjoying the spelling views of the stately structures. Plaka has major historical sites, the ancient Agora, Dionysus Theater, and the Tower of the Winds. If you want to spend a quiet day relaxing with your spouse, Plaka has some of the coolest secluded beaches. Plaka has many shops where you can buy souvenirs to remind you of a wonderful time in Greece.

5. Mykonos

Mykonas is where there is a crowd that takes place in Greece. Filled with pubs and discotheques, Mykonas offers an exciting way to spend the night. Terrace parties, pool parties, theme parties, parties under 30, drag shows after midnight, rum-based drinks for the best nightlife experience, sangria and pin mediterranean cuisine with all sorts of exit parties in Mykonos.

There are also other attractions, such as the iconic windmill, the Greek ruins of Delos, the Maritime Museum, a gondola ride in Little Venice, and a secluded beach for honeymooners to spend a quiet time.

6. Nafplio

Nafplio is a city full of romance. Located in Peloponnesse, this charming city was once the capital of Greece. The beautiful classic mansion covered with bougainvillea has a perfect view, and many small cafes offer you the perfect place to amaze the visual treatments this magical city offers during a cozy evening with the love of life.

The sheer beauty of this place attracts many to marry here, and the magic here can only be experienced by visiting it.

7. Mod em Basia

Monemvasia is the perfect place for honeymooners who hate the crowd. If you want to spend time in a magnificent place that seems to have all the splendor of Greece, Monemvasia is the best. Explore this beautiful city by holding hands with your spouse on a narrow stone-paved street. It is very close to the historic sites and has lots of secluded beaches and caves for a romantic getaway. Enjoy a romantic dip in the secluded water and snorkel to your heart’s content. Relax on the beautiful beach with a glass of wine. Mo em Basia has many taverns serving excellent Mediterranean cuisine. End your day with a delicious dinner served with a bottle of fine wine. Monemvasia is actually a welcoming vacation spot in Santorini’s bustling and bustling crowd.



How to change to nothing


Excerpt from Jim Rohn Weekend Seminar at New Millennium)

Have you ever wondered how to turn anything into something?

First, if you don’t want to turn it into anything, you have to start with ideas and imagination.

Now it can be difficult to evoke ideas and imagination. But how visible is the idea? It is a little mystery. I don’t believe that any idea to transform into a hotel, an idea to transform into an enterprise, an idea to transform into a new vaccine, or an idea to transform into a miracle product should be called anything. But obviously, you have nothing.

Interesting! Think of ideas that become so powerful in your mind and in your consciousness that they make you look real even before it becomes realistic. The imagination is so strong that you can actually see it.

When I built my first home for a family in Idaho a few years ago, before I started building, I took my friends and colleagues to an empty building and looked around the house. Is it possible? Can you take someone who travels the imaginary house? The answer is “Of course.” “There are three garages here,” said friends, but “this garage will have three cars.” I was able to make it “live”. I will look around the whole house. “Here is a fireplace, this one is brick and the other is stone.” I could really make it… “Follow me through the rest of the house. Look through the picture window in the kitchen here, isn’t it nice?” One day I made the house so realistic that a friend hit his elbow against the fireplace. That was real

The first step to turning it into nothing is to imagine the possibilities. Imagine all the possibilities. One of the reasons for seminars, sermons, song lyrics and ratings from others is to give us an idea of ​​the possibilities. So that we can imagine and see our potential

Now there is a second step to turning it into nothing. You have to believe that it is possible to imagine. The rating “I can do it if I can” is often support for our beliefs. And we start to believe. First we imagine it is possible. Second, we begin to believe that what is possible is possible.

We can also count on our own ratings. The next thing to say is that your testimonial says, “You can do it again in just one time. If this has happened before, it can happen again.” “If we can, we can. If we can change, we can change. If I can’t do anything, I can’t start anything. I can run everything.” If we’ve accomplished something before, we can also do our own Support. “If we did it once, we can do it again. If we did it last year, we can do it again this year.” Together, these two are powerful. Now we don’t have real material, but it’s very close.

Once again, step 1 is to imagine the possibilities. Step 2 is to imagine what is possible. Here is what we call Level 2-Faith. In fact, one writer said this “faith is reality.” Interesting word “substance”, a powerful ability to believe in the possibilities possible to you. If you have faith to believe… that faith is a substance that represents a part of reality. Now it’s not “real”, it’s not this podium. But it was so powerful that it was close to reality, and the author said, “Faith is a substance.” Then we continue to call it evidence, matter, and evidence. It is difficult to call “nothing” of material and evidence. It doesn’t mean you can’t see it except the inner eye. You can’t catch it because you can’t see it. But if you believe that it is possible now, nothing can turn anything, especially ideas and imagination, into something. Its reality and evidence has become so powerful that it can now turn into reality.

The first step is to imagine what is possible, and the second step is to believe that what is possible is possible for you. And now the third step is to work to make it a reality. You go to work to make it into a hotel. We strive to become a company. You work and make you healthy. You go to work and make it an association. You go to work and have a good marriage. You go to work and make it an exercise. You make it a type. You make it possible. You breathe life into it and build it. It is a unique and powerful ability for all of us. Get this working and start the miracle process today!

To your success

Jim Ron



Expert Kyani Review-Is Kyani a Reputable Company?


If you are looking for a network marketing company and are interested in nutritional products, you can take a look at Kyani. In this expert review, we will look at information about Kyani, sales products, compensation plans available to distributors, and most importantly, whether it is another pyramid scam.

Kinney Background

Kyani participates in the health and wellness industry. As a person looking for business opportunities, the health and wellness industry is expected to be the next billion dollar industry. Now, this fact alone cannot guarantee success, but we are confident that we will participate in a rapidly growing and exploding industry. One of the biggest reasons the health industry is growing rapidly is that the baby boomers are looking for health-related products to make them look 60s and look healthier and younger. This baby boomer section of the population is where Kyani focuses on marketing.

Kyani was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Kiya’s co-founders consist of three very successful Idaho families (the Powell, Hansen, and Taylor). There are rumors that the three families could fund Kinney with $300 million in cash. This kind of support makes it easy to see how Kyani grew so fast. What’s more, Michael Breshears, CEO of the company, is active with the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and has attracted other companies to $200 million. In addition, the founders have a long-term vision for the company with Breshears, which is what makes Kyani a multi-million dollar giant in the network marketing industry.

Currently, Kyani is a privately held company with operations in North America, Europe and Asia. The company was originally founded in 2005, but it wasn’t until 2008 that it began to gain momentum. This is mainly because the company’s focus has changed and seasoned network marketers have begun actively working to bring it onboard. In my opinion, it was a very smart move for them, and the increase in revenue is proof that they made a good decision to do this.


Unlike other nutrition network marketing companies that offer hundreds of products, Kyani offers three nutrition products in its product line. These three products are:

1.Kyani Sunrise-A vitamin rich and nutritious drink made from Alaskan blueberries, a very powerful antioxidant.

2. Kyani Sunset-Wild Alaskan Socks Omega-3 supplement made from snow salmon.

3. Nitro FX-a non-i based nitric oxide product known to defend and repair all cells in the body, aid blood flow and increase total energy.

There are many people who swear by these products, but it is important to conduct due diligence on the product and read the study of the product. The Kyani Medical Advisory Board includes three highly renowned doctors with extensive knowledge of the power of nitric oxide, an antioxidant in Alaska blueberries and tocotrienols, one of the key components of Kyani Sunset.

Compensation plan

Registration fees can be started in Kyani from $160 to $1,250 in three different ways. In addition to the start-up cost, there is also a monthly back office fee and a monthly automatic delivery requirement of around $150.

The main theme of Kyani’s compensation plan is the ability to generate long-term residual income through distributor autoships. However, you can also get paid in other ways, including matching checks, quick start bonuses, sponsor bonuses, leadership pools, car programs and incentive trips.

Much of Kyani’s growth came from weekly hotel meetings with distributors giving home presentations at some marketplaces across the country. Internet marketing doesn’t require a lot of platforms, so if you like contacting friends or family or creating your own capture page, you should be happy with the model.

As far as support goes, they offer multiple conference calls and national conventions several times a year. The only downside is that Kyani is too young, so there may not be much local live support. And opening a new city may seem attractive, but you don’t have to have weekly meetings or local leaders to help you make live presentations.

Is Kiya a scam?

One thing is certain that Kyani is not a scam. It’s a growing company with a huge amount of money and a good management team leading the company. There are also excellent products with a solid compensation plan. If you are looking for a network marketing company selling nutritional products, Kyani may be what you want.

However, joining a company like Kyani cannot guarantee success. If you can’t brand yourself and generate leads, you might die in the water and probably have a garage full of products. My advice is to use a marketing system that can achieve both of these at the same time. If you can do that, you can quickly build a very profitable Kyani business.



University of Montana, Missoula-5 Tips for Traveling to Missoula by Amtrak Train and Bus


Missula, Montana, is the second largest city in the state and one of the most beautiful metropolitan areas in the United States. The University of Montana provides academic and cultural standards for this western Montana city. Unfortunately, Missoula lost the Amtrak service in 1979, and the only low-cost airline to the city flies directly to the southwest.

For UM students and other residents of the Missoula area, using a combination of Amtrak and bus is the cheapest way to travel to other parts of the country. Here are 5 tips/warnings to help you effectively travel the Missoula by land.

One: If you’re going west to Missoula, ignore Amtrak’s White Fish train connection recommendations. Amtrak’s itinerary for Empire Builder, which runs between Chicago and Seattle/Portland, indicates that there is a connection service available between Whitefish, MT and Missoula. Rimrock Stages, part of the Trailways system, provides services. Unfortunately, Rimrock’s schedule does not work well with Amtrak’s western timetable.

The only bus departing from White Fish departs at 11:35 am and arrives at Missoula in about three and a half hours. It works fine when a train from Washington state or Idaho arrives at Whitefish at 7:26 am. It is not convenient when coming from the east and the train arrives at Whitefish at 9:16 PM. The next day you need to get the hotel before taking the bus home.

2: If you are coming from Missoula, you should not connect to Whitefish Amtrak. The only Rimrock bus from Missoula departs at 8 am and arrives at Whitefish around 11:25 am. You may have missed the Eastbound Empire Builder train during the day. The train going west will leave Whitefish in about 10 hours.

3: The best way to connect to Amtrak from Missoula is to use Washington’s Spokane. The Greyhound line has a convenient schedule that fits well with Amtrak. Part of the beauty of the connection through Spokane is that the train arrives and departs in both directions in the early morning. Therefore, the train to Missoula arrives at Spokane by 2 am. You can arrive at Missoula at 10:30 AM by 5:05 AM Greyhound bus. From Missoula, the 9:10 AM bus arrives at Spokane at 12:35 AM. The fastest train leaves Spokane at 1:15 AM.

4: Spokane connection is easy because Greyhound uses Spokane train station as warehouse. It is very convenient as the connection is made in the middle of the night.

Five: Empire Builder is all reserved trains. Whether you are experiencing Amtrak’s advanced coach service with seating meal service and large pillows or super liner sleeping facilities, you need to make a reservation in advance. By purchasing tickets in advance for Amtrak and Greyhound services, you can receive discounted pre-purchase rates or special rates for students and seniors.