The strangest museum in America


America is “a land of brave freedom and hometown.” There is no doubt. But do you know that it is also a strange area?! Yes, read it carefully! The United States is where you find the strangest and strangest things and places you’ve heard or seen in life. Do you disagree with this? Then check out this strange museum in the country and it will surely give you something creepy.
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Museum of Psychology, Indianapolis, Indiana

The Symphonic Museum is not a barn museum. First, it may be too small for many to refer to as a museum, but there is one interesting collection of artifacts that qualify. The museum is not well known for its “music of mind”, Afrofuturism, American underground culture, and the history of Indianapolis itself. The most valuable property is the last original of the baby mothership of the musical band Parliament-Funkadelic. It’s a mysterious place that inspires interest at every stage. If this attracts you, take a cheap flight to Indianapolis and solve the mystery of the Psychology Museum.
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Maine, Portland, International Cryptocurrency Museum

There is a museum that tells about extinct creatures, and an international cryptocurrency museum for the existence of “hidden” or “still unknown”. We are proud to be the world’s only cryptozoology museum. It is full of pieces of existence that no one knows.
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Warren’s Occult Museum, Monroe, Connecticut

Are you fascinated by supernatural things? Do you believe that you have life after death and there are things or powers you are trying to cross over in the world? If the answer is “yes”, take a cheap flight and go straight to Warren’s Occult Museum. It’s really amazing to collect artifacts from which ghosts appear. It has two collections of the world’s most famous supernatural investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. This is what they’ve collected for decades investigating things that don’t belong to the world.
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Idaho Potato Museum, Blackfoot, Idaho

Potatoes are Idaho’s most valuable agricultural product, and built a museum in the city of Blackfoot. You can recognize buildings with huge potatoes in front of and behind them, and learn about the history and interesting facts about agricultural products. Check out the cheapest flight deals and explore the strange museums.
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California Mecca International Banana Museum

If a potato could have a museum, why not bananas? There is an international banana museum. There are over 20,000 artifacts belonging to bananas such as salt shakers, staplers, ties, buttons, glasses, soaps, etc. What can be said more about the site. Just go and go banana.
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Mütter Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Mütter Museum is a simple troop museum, but it doesn’t even begin to explain the creepy collections. There are more than 3,000 bone marrow specimens representing various medical conditions, such as trauma and disease.
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